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Welcome to an inspiring World of Experiential Travel Journeys which will alter your perceptions and change the way you Travel. International outbound travel from India has grown fast in numbers but a recognisable segment within this has matured at a faster pace creating an immediate & urgent need for tailor made, customised, bespoke, life enriching, experiential, inspiring, un-commoditised, authentic and engaging form of travel.

This is like a generational –transcendental- shift within the travelling audience. This laid the basis for a new inspiration to be born in travel and Experiential Travel Journeys was conceptualised & formed by Amit to cater to the needs & demands of the discerning travellers.

Indian-born and New Delhi based Amit Kalsi who leads Experiential Travel Journeys as its lead private travel designer, founder & CEO has been in the travel & tourism business for over 27 years and himself a committed and a passionate traveller. He has accumulated an extensive portfolio of knowledge in organising unique travel experiences for discerning clients from his continuing work in the industry.

We are like a movement that differentiates itself, moving away from standard tourist itineraries to private tailor-made journeys which are stimulating and offer true to life experiences.

The difference lies in what you do, rather than what you see. You live the experience and not just look at it. It’s all about authentic cultural immersion and meaningful engagement with the place you are visiting, its people, cuisine, history, culture, art, heritage, lifestyle and customs.

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