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Welcome to an inspiring World of Experiential Travel Journeys which will alter your perceptions and change the way you Travel. International outbound travel from India has grown fast in numbers but a recognisable segment within this has matured at a faster pace creating an immediate & urgent need for tailor made, customised, bespoke, life enriching, experiential, inspiring, un-commoditised, authentic and engaging form of travel.

This is like a generational –transcendental- shift within the travelling audience. This laid the basis for a new inspiration to be born in travel and Experiential Travel Journeys was conceptualised & formed by Amit to cater to the needs & demands of the discerning travellers.

Indian-born and New Delhi based Amit Kalsi who leads Experiential Travel Journeys as its lead private travel designer, founder & CEO has been in the ?travel & tourism business for over 27 years and himself a committed and a passionate traveller. He has accumulated an extensive portfolio of knowledge in organising unique travel experiences for discerning clients from his continuing work in the industry.

We are like a movement that differentiates itself, moving away from standard tourist itineraries to private tailor-made journeys which are stimulating and offer true to life experiences.

The difference lies in what you do, rather than what you see. You live the experience and not just look at it. It’s all about authentic cultural immersion and meaningful engagement with the place you are visiting, its people, cuisine, history, culture, art, heritage, lifestyle and customs.

We have been selected by Traveller Made® as being amongst the Best Luxury Travel Designers in the World. Traveller Made is a network of Luxury Travel Designers dedicated to providing unique and exclusive bespoke journeys to travellers looking for different and original experiences, requiring skilled and knowledgeable advisors who are committed to fully servicing their clients.

The Traveller Made® network comprises 365 Member Agencies located in 65 countries aggregating together more than 2.5 Billion € revenue.

What we do & How we do it?

“We are Mavericks” and as a specialist tour operator we offer tailor made private and experiential holidays crafted around your schedule, interests and budget. The journeys are henceforth memorable, unforgettable and often life changing. Our customized vacations can be designed for one person, a couple, family or a private group of friends and family.

We understand that every client is different, which is why we do not offer “please all” off-the shelf packaged holidays. We are “Private Travel Designers” bringing creativity into our bespokejourneys. We spend time to listen to you, understand your interests, preferences, expectations and even guide you through an inspiration, in case you are not yet decided on where exactly you want to go.

We then get to design your “Private Journey” including expert guides, private transfers, cohesive sightseeing and distinctive accommodation to rest your head at the end of the day.

All this comes to you at a great value. We do not claim to be the cheapest, but you will not pay over the odds. Our quality of service, attention to detail, commitment and expertise makes our propositions of great value for your money, which is hard to beat.

Who are we?

We are not just a website search engine. We are real people, in real offices with real connections with the finest travel experts and specialists around the world. They are our business associates and act as our extended team on the ground. Their local knowledge, connections, personal touch, passion, accolades and ability to execute the finest holiday experiences is what sets them apart from the rest.

When you engage with us, you’re accessing a wealth of information through the eyes and ears of the world of travel. Why spend hours researching unknown places, flight routes and transfers when our specialists on the ground can share this insight with you effortlessly, and tailor make something extraordinary for you which can give you complete peace of mind?

What we offer?

Our holidays come in all shapes and sizes, all tailor-made offering both emerging and established destinations and also a varied collection of travel inspirations to suit a wide spectrum of interests amongst travelers. We are not like an average holiday company selling packages or standardized per-designed products, we have the ability and connections to design and execute almost anything you can imagine in the World of Bespoke, Exclusive & Experiential Travel and Private Journeys.

We have established relationships with world’s finest and leading names in hospitality, cruise & railway industry. Our portfolio is different from the rest as we strive to offer true to life Experiences and partner with suppliers which offer characteristic accommodations. We believe that your stay is also an important part of your experiential journey hence we always go for experience rather than appearance.

Our clients who are sophisticated & discerning appreciate the finer things in life. They are willing to exert, rough it out, get adventurous during the day filled with exotic, exclusive, true to life experiences, but would like to come back to rest in the best available & possible comforts a destination has to offer without compromising or sacrificing on the overall experience.

This is also the key to understanding experiential travel since accommodation at some of the remote, exotic & exclusive locations around the world do not qualify as luxury accommodations by its traditional definition of tangible comforts & facilities. But when you combine it with the overall experience and apply the true meaning of luxury relying on intangibles like nature, space, peace, and infinity is what our clients seek and appreciate.

We call this high-end experiential travel and not luxury travel which remains focused on putting together expensive, lavish hotels and mode of transport. It diminishes the true essence of travel which are experiences and integral to everything on a journey be it initial planning, accommodation, guide, transport and destination.

What is Experiential Travel?

Experiential travel is all about going beyond the sightseeing by immersing oneself and becoming a part of the moment being experienced. The engagement is so profound that your travel experience leaves you enriched and rejuvenated at a deeper level.One connects with the ethos of the place in such a wonderful manner that it helps unwind and rediscover yourself.

Why use "Experiential Travel Journeys"?

Understanding the Difference

  • Our focus, commitment and ability to offer Private Travel, Experiential Travel & Tailor Made Holidays.
  • Our global connections & personal relationships with local travel experts & specialists renowned for designing life-enriching holidays, private guides, reliable & suitable transport providers, Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Retreats, Cruises, Yachts and Trains.
  • As a boutique and specialist tour operator we offer a personal touch and focus on attention to detail. We design experiences for individuals and not masses.
  • Our portfolio covers all possible inspirations for you to travel, explore and discover the world. This includes Safari & Wildlife Holidays, Wellness & Spa, Honeymoon, Celebrations/Special Occasions, Culinary & Wine, Family, Beach, Cruises & Private Yachts, Train Journeys, Adventure, Private Jet Journeys, Ski & Villas.
  • Our destination collection goes beyond the ordinary & established ones. It also includes remote, exotic, exclusive & emerging options. If a destination is worth an experience it will surely find a way into our list sooner or later. We do not only follow the demand trends, but also create it.
  • Our ability to understand our clients, their needs is what makes us different. We continue to think outside of the box to present fresh ideas and for us nothing is too much trouble and client satisfaction is paramount.
  • Last but not the least – WE BELIEVE IN VALUE: Our quality of service, attention to detail, commitment and expertise makes our propositions of great value for your money, which is hard to beat.

Feel Inspired?

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