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Luxury Tailor Made Holidays To Maldives – Floating just above the surface of the Indian Ocean, the islands of the Maldives are a glamorous playground for sun-seekers and explorers of the undersea world. Pinpricks in a sea of blue, these tiny corals atolls are home to some of the most exclusive resorts on earth, each set on its own private paradise island. The postcard perfection of the islands is matched only by the staggering richness of the coral reefs that lie between the atolls, attracting divers from across the globe. Away from the surf and sand, the Maldives is notable for its intriguing Islamic culture, shaped by centuries of seafaring and trade. However, the islands face a growing challenge from rising sea levels caused by climate change.

Best time to visit in Maldives

December to April for fine weather, manta rays and whale sharks, or May to December for schooling hammerheads

Places to visit in Maldives

  • Sunrise over the surf from a palm-draped coral sand beach.
  • The mesmerising underwater world within metres of your beach towel.
  • The mosques and bustling market of Male’, the pocket-sized Maldivian capital.
  • Laid-back villages and the ruins of the British WWII air base on Gan island.
  • Whale sharks, manta rays ad hammerheads performing a natural ballet beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean.

    Top things to do in Maldives

    • Sunbathe on some of the world’s most perfect beaches.
    • Dive or snorkel on spectacular thilas and giris (isolated reefs) and kandus (deepwater channels).
    • See the Maldives from above on a scenic seaplane flight between the atolls.
    • Take a cruise to an outlying island on a dhoni (traditional Maldivian boat).
    • Drop into a local cafe in Male’ for a snack-sized feast of hedika (short eats).

    Discover Maldives

    • Read Imogen Edward-Jones’ Beach Babylon, allegedly based on true events at a luxury Maldives resort.
    • Listen to bodu beru (big drum), the traditional flok music of the islands. >
    • Eat garudia (smoked-fish soup), or hedika – delicious, spicy fish-based snacks.
    • Drink raa (a sweet and tasty toddy tapped from the coconut palm).

    Maldives Highlights

    Coral atolls, white sand, swaying palms, coconuts, honeymoons, Conde Nast-friendly resorts, world-class diving, the ever-present threat of climate change

    One word for Maldives Tourism

    Mabuti naman (I’m fine)

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