Luxury Tours To Papua New Guinea – One of Earth’s megadiverse regions, PNG has a common history with Australia going back tens of millions of years. Yet while Australia is predominantly dry and flat, PNG is wet and mountainous. As a result, Australian kangaroos bound across plains while in PNG tree kangaroos climb the rainforest canopy. As night falls, Kundu and garamut drum beat out rhythms in the sweet sticky heat, frogs and geckos bark only to be silenced by a sudden deluge of tropical rain. Beyond the modern wilds of Port Moresby are tribes living like they have for thousands of years surrounded by great mountain ranges, mighty rivers and sparkling tropical beaches

Best time to visit in Papua New Guinea

June to September is cooler, drier and takes in the majority of the provincial celebrations and Highlands sing sings (festival or dance)

Places to visit in Papua New Guinea

  • A visual overload of en-masse body decoration at the carnival-like Highland Shows.
  • Dancing, singing, whistle blowing and sometimes magic involved in a crowded game of Trobriand cricket.
  • A traditional sing sing celebrating the ascension of a chief, adult initiation rites and more.
  • Tree kangaroos, turtles and birdlife at the Rainforest Habitat in Lae.
  • The rumbling, billowing string of volcanoes in New Britain.

Top things to do in Papua New Guinea

  • Travel up the quintessentially primitive Sepik River into a treasure trove of Pacific art.
  • ‘Muck dive’ at Mine Bay to see tiny critters and pelagics including manta rays.
  • Pay respect to WWII soldiers by surviving the difficult, leech-infested Kakoda Track.
  • Chew betel nut.

Discover Papua New Guinea

  • Read biologist Tim Flannery’s Throwim Way Leg, an account of his trips to the remote interior in search of tree kangaroos.
  • Listen to Telek’s Serious Tam CD, showcasing the singer’s extraordinary voice.
  • Watch Robin Anderson and Bob Connelly’s triptych First Contact, Joe Leahy’s Neighbours and Black Harvest, an outstanding exposition of Highlanders’ first encounters with the outside world and their emergence into modern times.
  • Eat sasak (sago), the staple in the swampy Sepik, and kaukau (sweet potatoes) in the Highlands, fresh fish and lobsters whet the palate on the coasts.
  • Drink PNG Highland-grown Arabica coffee.

Papua New Guinea Highlights

Penis-gourds, betel nut, sing sings, bilum bags, tribal art, beautiful beaches, Kokoda Track, Asaro mud men, yam worship, The Phantom

One word for Papua New Guinea Tourism

Em nau! (Fantastic! Right on!)

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