Luxury Tour To SINGAPORE

Exotic Tour To Singapore – Travellers often knock Singapore for its corporate mindset, draconian laws and relentless urban sprawl, but some of that is probably sour grapes about the cost of travel here compared to the rest of Southeast Asia. Fans of the city rave about the shopping, the fabulous food and the intoxicating blend of Indian, Chinese and Malay culture. So Singapore may not be as edgy as Bangkok or Phnom Penh, but there’s plenty to see, from quirky ethnic neighbourhoods and world-class museums to historic temples where the air is thick with incense, and things are fabulously well-organised – perfect for families breaking the journey between Europe and Australasia.

Best time to visit in Singapore

February to October, the dry season

Places to visit in Singapore

  • The rainbow-coloured glory of the Sri Mariamman Temple.
  • Market mayhem, temples and crowds on Waterloo St.
  • Treasures from across Asia at the Asian Civilisations Museum.
  • A menargerie of exotic beasties at the Singapore Zoological Gardens and Night Safari.
  • Gloriously garish tourist attractions on Sentosa Island.

Top things to do in Singapore

  • Light a joss stick at the historic Thian Hock Keng temple.
  • Soak up the sounds and smells of the subcontinent in Little India.
  • Pick up a plastic beckoning cat at a religious emporium in Chinatown.
  • Feast your away around the Malay Straits in one of Singapore’s legendary hawker courts.
  • Sip a Singapore sling at Raffles, the famous hotel where the cocktail was invented in 1915.

Discover Singapore

  • Read Foreign Bodies, Hwee Hwee Tan’s gripping tale of young people on the wrong side of the Singapore justice system
  • Listen to Singaporean and international DJs spinning disks on the ground-shaking system at Zouk
  • Watch Woo Yen and Colin Goh’s Singapore Dreaming or Tay Teck Lock’s Money No Enough for insights into the Singapore psyche
  • Eat hawker food – top treats include Hainanese chicken rice and roti prata (fried flat bread with curry dipping sauce)
  • Drink Tiger beer, the national brew, or teh tarik (strong, sweet tea with condensed milk)

Singapore Highlights

Asian tiger economics, Raffles, rouge traders, Changi Airport, Tiger beer, the dynasty of Lee Kuan Yew, ‘No Durians’ signs, fines for littering and spitting

One word for Singapore Tourism

Kiasu (Fear of losing) – one of the defining traits of the competitive inhabitants of Singapore

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