Private Tour To SOUTH KOREA

Private Tour To South Korea – Compared to its secretive neighbour to the north, South Korea is a beacon of progress, second only to Japan in its enthusiasm for scientific breakthroughs, gadgets and gizmos. Korean expats have spread the cuisine of their homeland across the globe, but surprisingly few travellers have explored this ultramodern but deeply traditional corner of Asia. For every high-tech metropolis, South Korea boasts a medieval fortress, or a verdant national park where locals come to escape the hubbub. Even after two milennia, the teachings of Confucius still resonate in Korea, but younger Koreans are famous for their national pride, which rises to a crescendo in support of the national soccer and taekwondo teams.

Best time to visit in South Korea

September to November, for spectacular autumn colours

Places to visit in South Korea

  • Markets, museums and medieval city gates in the bustling capital Seoul.
  • Acres of tombs, temples and ruins in historic Gyeongju.
  • The royal mausoleums of the Baekje dynasty at Gongju and Buyeo.
  • Traditional Korean life on the islands of Dadohae Haesang National Park.
  • Mountains, forests, hot springs, temples, and plenty of serenity at Seoraksan National Park.

Top things to do in South Korea

  • See strange denizens of the deep on sale in Busan’s fish market.
  • Feast on galbi (barbecued ribs) in Seoul’s Mapo-gu district.
  • Trek through bear country in mountainous Jirisan National Park.
  • Stand as close as you safely can to the world’s most volatile border on a tour of Panmunjom and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
  • Try to work out what all the buttons do on one of Korea’s futuristic automatic toilets.

Discover South Korea

  • Read Park Kyung-ni’s Toji (The Land), a 16-volume historical odyssey that has been made into a movie, TV series and opera.
  • Listen to pansori – musical story-telling, often described as the Korean equivalent of the blues.
  • Watch Kwak Jae-yong’s romantic-comedy smash Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (My Sassy Girl), or Park Chan-wook’s violent, extraordinary Oldboy.
  • Eat kimchi (fiery pickled cabbage with chilli), and galbi (variety of grilled dishes).
  • Drink soju (local vodka), or bori cha (warming tea made from roasted barley).

South Korea Highlights

Korean barbecues, taekwondo, K-pop, ginseng, kimchi, hot springs, free-trade zones, Mexican standoffs with North Korea across the DMZ

One word for South Korea Tourism

Jeong (Emotional attachment bordering on love)

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