Personalized Tour To TURKMENISTAN

Personalized Tour To Turkmenistan – Let’s not beat around the bush, Turkmenistan is wierd – not quite ‘North Korea’ wierd but pretty damn close. Isolated from the rest of the world since independece from the USSR in 1990, Turkmenistan’s first two decades were dominated by eccentric late President ‘Turkmenbashi’ (Father of the Turkmen), who set about recreating the country in his image, using as funds one of the world’s largest reserves of natural gas. The result is a fascinating fiefdom of oddball sights and quirky historic remains. Gasp at the huge Turkmenbashi Mosque, stare in awe at the Ministry of Fairness, wonder at the revolving statue of the late president and be one of the few people to have glimpsed the strangest corner of Central Asia.

Best time to visit in Turkmenistan

April to May, and September to November

Places to visit in Turkmenistan

  • The capital Ashgabat for its wacky monuments to megalomania, the Turkmen equivalent of Disneyland, and the world’s largest carpet.
  • The ancient Seljuq capital of Merv, once the world’s largest city until levelled by Genghis Khan.
  • Konye-Urgench, the 13th-century ruined capital of the Khorezmshahs.
  • The views of the capital from the top of the Arch of Neutrality or the Turkmenbashi Cableway.

Top things to do in Turkmenistan

  • Search for the footprints of Turkmenosaurus Rex at Kugitang Nature Reserve.
  • Ride an Akhal-Teke horse across the foothills of the Kopet Dagh mountains.
  • Shop for Bukhara carpets at Tolkuchka Bazaar, Central Asia’s greatest bazaar.
  • Take a 4WD trip through the desert to the burning Darvaza Gas Craters, as close to the Gates of Hell as we hope you ever get.

Discover Turkmenistan

  • Read UnknownSands Journey’s Around the World’s Most Isolated Country by John Kropf, which chronicles travel through Turkmenbashi-era Turkmenistan.
  • Listen to City of Love by Ashkabad, a lilting five-piece Turkmen ensemble.
  • Watch Waldemar Januszczak’s Travels with My Camera: The Happy Dictator, filmed undercover in Ashgabat by a film crew pretending to be on a drunken stag weekend (in Turkmenistan!).
  • Eat black Caspian caviar for a song on the Turkmen Caspian coast.
  • Drink a cooling cup of chal (sour fermented camel’s milk) as the sun rises over the Karakum desert.

Turkmenistan Highlights

Personaily cult, Turkmenbashi statues, horses, desert, natural gas, hospitality, Bukhara carpets, shaggy hats, bizzare holidays, carpets

One word for Turkmenistan Tourism

Siz nahili? (How are you?)

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