Private Tours To CUBA

Private Tours To Cuba – Cuba might just be a synonym for drama. The largest body of land in the Caribbean has been at the centre of intrigue for centuries, from the late 1800s when the US flexed its colonial muscles to its iconic revolution in 1959. Years of isolation have preserved ancient architecture from destruction even as it crumbles. But this intoxicating nation is no snoozy time wrap,it’s a raucous stew of African, Caribbean and Latin culture with manic and melodic rhythms that lure fans from around the globe. Change, when it inevitably comes, will forever alter this bizarre, beautiful and beguiling nation. In the meantime Cuba is unlike any other nation, from its hulking colonial relics to its shambolic cities and its palm-backed beaches.

Best time to visit in Cuba

November to May, to avoid the heat and hurricanes

Places to visit in Cuba

  • Havana, the steaming, bubbling centre of the nation.
  • Santiago de Cuba, an often-overlooked city with rich traditions as old as colonialism and as recent as the revolution.
  • Las Parrandas, Remedios, year-round street party nights and languid beach days.
  • Habana Vieja, Havana’s Unesco-recognised ancient quarter, the largest and best-preserved in the Caribbean.
  • Classic American cars that collectors would kill for.

Top things to do in Cuba

  • Smoking one of the fabled local cigars, accessories to local luminaries.
  • Strolling the impromptu street festival that is Havana’s waterfront Malecon.
  • Cheering on your team of choice at a baseball game rich with talent.
  • Hike, climb and explore the soaring limestone cliffs and quite forests of Vinales.
  • Immerse yourself with giant lobsters and manatees at Punta Frances on Isla de la Juventud, an unspoiled wonderland rich with life.

Discover Cuba

  • Read Trading with the Enemy, A Yankee Travels through Castro’s Cuba by Tom Miller, a rich feast of Cuban Lore.
  • Listen to Cuban takes on reggaeton, the combo of hip hop, dance-hall and reggae.
  • Watch everyone’s favourite, Fresa y Chocolate, 1995’s hit Havana comedy directed by Tomas Gutierrez and Juan Carlos Tabio.
  • Eat homecookedajiaco stew, featuring potatoes, meat, plantains, corn and old beer.
  • Drink a minty, sweet rum mojito

Cuba Highlights

Cigars, communists, rum, salsa, Fidel Castro, poverty, sex, ancient American sedans, The Buena Vista Social Club

One word for Cuba Tourism

Queue bola assure? (What’s up brother?)

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