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Jamaica Luxury Tours – Beginning in the 16th century, Jamaica was the nexus of the brutal Caribbean economy that saw slaves from Africa producing sugar and rum for Europe and America. First a colony of Spain and later Britain, today’s Jamaica is the result of this grim past. No Caribbean country has greater links to Africa, whether food, culture or politics. The ubiquitous sound of the island, reggae, is drawn from African folk music and is the nation’s greatest export (the studios of Kingston churn out 500 tunes a month). And tunes blasting are just one of the cacophonous features of this heavily populated island where wildly popular, and often hedonistic, resorts mix with urban life in all its raucous, ganja-scented glory.

Best time to visit in Jamaica

The weather is beautiful year-round but high season is December to April.

Places to visit in Jamaica

  • Sunset from the 11 km stretch of beach bars and fun at Long bay on Negril.
  • The museum dedicated to Bob Marley – having heard his music the world over, now see his home and studio while learning about his life.
  • The red (sand), white (surf-perfect breaks) and blue (waters) at Long bay.
  • Port Royal, the collapsing former pirate capital of the Caribbean.
  • Rocklands, where thousands of buzzing hummingbirds delight in nectar-rich flowers.

Top things to do in Jamaica

  • Climb 2256m Blue Mountain Peak, which rises from lush, dense forest preserves.
  • Not caress a crocodile in the swampy, remote and ominously named Black River Great Morass.Balance on limestone
  • ledges at Dunn’s river falls, which cascade down to a beach.
  • Get jammin’ to the trademark beat of Jamaica, reggae
  • Dive in the marine parks on Montego Bay and Negril.

Discover Jamaica

  • Read Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea, a tale of post-emancipation Jamaica, Herbert de Lisser’s classic White Witch of Rose Hall.
  • Listen to Bob Marley in his homeland and forget the clichés.
  • Watch the original James Bond, Dr. No, which shows a sultry, colonial Jamaica in the early 1960s.
  • Eat jerk (meat smothered in tongue-searing marinade, and barbecued in an outdoor pit).
  • Drink the famous Blue Mountain coffee, or the region’s greatest variety of rums, including mind-numbing ‘overproof’.

Jamaica Highlights

Reggae, reefers and rum, Bob Marley, Rastafarianism, Kingston, palm-fringed beaches, anything-goes couples resorts.

One word for Jamaica Tourism

Evert’ingcool, mon? (A common greeting much like ‘how are you?’).

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