Luxury Holidays To PUERTO RICO

Luxury Holidays To Puerto Rico – Old Spain lives on in Old San Juan, the centuries-old walled seaside town within the vast urban sprawl that is modern San Juan. There’s no ossified museum peace – the cobblestone streets are alive with Puerto Ricans day and night. Shopping, cafes, clubs, corner bars and more attract streams of locals for whom passeo (strolling) is the cultural institution. Elsewhere on this large island heaving with life, the influences are myriad, but none less so than from America, the protecting, exploiting and culturally colonising force in Puerto Rico Locals are forever torn between independence, dependence or outright statehood and opinions are passionately expressed. Adding to the mix are African traditions dating to slave times and even older native Caribbean beliefs.

Best time to visit in Puerto Rico

November is lovely but crowds are few. December to April is the most popular time.

Places to visit in Puerto Rico

  • Old San Juan, the 500 year old centre of the nation and an engrossing, vibrant window into the past.
  • Fuerte San Felipe del Morro is an endlessly fascinating and enormous Spanish fort dating from 1539.
  • Ponce, a colonial gem known for its criollo architecture and a centre for traditional dance.
  • The myriad fauna in the dry forests of Bosque Estatal de Guanica.
  • The cathedral of rum at the Bacardi factory.

Top things to do in Puerto Rico

  • Listen to the silence in the nature reserves of Vieques, an island once used for target practice.
  • Follow the bouncing frogs in El Yunque, the island’s surviving tropical rainforest.
  • Burrow like a turtle into the warm, and turtle-friendly, sands of Culebra.
  • Party along the playful beachside stretch of Condado.
  • Surf on and dive below the waters of laidback Rincon, with its 60s hippie vibe.

Discover Puerto Rico

  • Read Rosario Ferre’s revisionist stories in Sweet Diamond Dust.
  • Listen to the infamous sounds of Tito Puente and Willie Colon.
  • Watch the acclaimed West Side Story that represents stateside Puerto Ricans of the day, also Rachel Ortiz’s heartfelt documentary Mi Puerto Rico.
  • Eat plantain dishes like mofongos and tostones; tembleque (coconut pudding), comidocriollo (an everchanging stew).
  • Drink pina coladas, Cuba libres, mojitos or any other rum drink.

Puerto Rico Highlights

Living la vidaloca, the 51st state, Bacardi Rum cocktails, baseball players.

One word for Puerto Rico Tourism

Que pasa? (What’s happening?)

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