Luxury Vacations To TURKS & CAICOS

Luxury Vacations To Turks & Caicos – The oddly named Turks & Caicos are a group of about 40 islands dotting their own patch of warm water just north of the Caribbean Se and south of the Bahamas. Although Miami is a mere 90 minutes by plane, these little gems are blissfully untrammelled by wintering masses. Providenciales, the main island, is renowned for its silky smooth white sand in a part of the world famous for its granular delights. Even the conch, that ubiquitous mollusc, seems both fresher and sweeter here. Time vanishes as you putter about between the islands, with their old pastel villages and languid, reef-protected shores. Locals (called ‘belongers’) are thoroughly attuned to this pace, saving much of their energy for well-attended church services come Sunday.

Best time to visit in Turks & Caicos

December to July; August to November can be hot and humid.

Places to visit in Turks & Caicos

  • Grace Bay, the setting for the best resorts and the most vivid sunsets.
  • Grand Turk, the government hub, is a sleepy mix of dilapidated buildings, salt ponds and narrow lanes.
  • MudjinHarbor, a hidden beach on Middle Caicos reached by stairs amid cliffs.
  • Chalk sound, a vibrant blue, alomost neon in its intensity.
  • Caicos Conch Farm, which tells you everything you could hope to know about great pink molluscs.

Top things to do in Turks & Caicos

  • Dive anywhere – the underwater treats are top form amid stiff competition.
  • Spot humpback whales off Salt Cay.
  • Delight in conch-everything at seafood shacks in Blue Hills on Providenciales.
  • Spot flamingos and iguanas on West Caicos.
  • Catch the balmy breezes while windsurfing off Grand Turk.

Discover Turks & Caicos

  • Read J Dennis Harris’ A summer on the Borders of the Caribbean Sea, a classic 19th century travelogue.
  • Listen to ripsaw music, a local style combining conga drums, concertina and actual saws, top talents include lovey Forbes and Tell and the Rakooneers.
  • Watch your own wedding video, the resorts are popular for nuptials.
  • Eat golden brown, moist and chewy conch fritters or have conch curried, sautéed, in cevinche, perched on a salad.
  • Drink any of the several kinds of Turks Head beer.

Turks & Caicos Highlights

Shady expats living off “investments” or involved in “exports”, lavish resorts, birdwatching, diving.

One word for Turks & Caicos Tourism

Alright, alright (Hello)

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