amit Kalsi

Our People

The key to delivering outstanding holidays and exceptional service is having the best team in the business. A team of dedicated specialists renowned for having the finest skills, knowledge and contacts in the industry.

At Experiential Travel Journeys this is what we strive to be, for every client, and every journey.

When you connect with us, you deal and connect with one dedicated specialist (we call Travel Designer) from start to end, who remains your single point of contact throughout the planning process, the final trip execution, and while you are journey through foreign lands and seas, till the time you return home, and ready to share your memories.

We look beyond technology. We bring the human touch. Our personal approach delivers where technology cannot, as every journey begins with a personal telephone call from which your bespoke experience develops, expertly curated by us.

We're not just a website search engine. We're real people, in real offices - and it’s our people and their travel expertise that set us apart from the rest.

When you talk to us, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge; the eyes and ears of the world of travel.

Our Team at Experiential Travel Journeys has one thing in common: a love of travel, exploring the world, discovering new places.

Amit Kalsi – Managing Director

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