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The beach or the mountains is an ongoing forever debate. But there are times you don’t want to choose, because the calming effect a beach can have with its frothy waves cannot be replicated anywhere else. More importantly, you don’t have to be a ‘sun, sand and swimming’ kind of person to have a great beach holiday. Anyone can have an awesome holiday at the seaside!

Think about a straightforward beach vacation, complete with swaying palm trees, clear, turquoise seas, and uninterrupted stretches of white sand. Isn’t that the stuff dreams are made of? Also, some of your most memorable shots will be beach photographs considering you will see many beautiful sea views. It is the place that presents us with plenty of beautiful sunsets! Add to that a few silhouette photographs and you have created romance in the air.

Whether you fancy lazy beach days, rustic coastlines or cosmopolitan resorts, we’ll match you up with your perfect escape. Think on the lines of exotic. Holiday in Chile, where the shores have been kissed with black volcanic sand, and New Zealand, whose coast is rugged and wild. Then, of course, there is the South Pacific, often considered the ultimate place for exotic beach and island vacations.

Have you given the beaches of Mozambique a shot? Go off the grid as you head to crescent-shaped Vamizi Island, off Mozambique. This island can trigger tales of Sindbad in your head. Even if you have laziness is on your mind, then Mozambique should be where you set your eyes on. All you will want to do is lie on the sand, take walks, and eat perfectly-cooked meals. In contrast, beaches in Australia and Thailand offer to race your adrenaline with activities such as diving wrecks, kayaking, and hiking in the jungle.Zero in on Brazil’s famously snazzy Ipanema beach and you’ll have a tailor-made recipe for where you’ll find yourself dancing every evening to the music. Maybe you’d fancy feasting on perfectly grilled meats at one of Uruguay’s many secluded beach destinations.

We, at Experiential Travel Journeys, help you to extend and combine holidays. Kenya’s Indian Ocean beaches are perfect to unwind after the excitement of a Masai Mara safari tour; the Atlantic beaches of Essaouira in Morocco are the ideal contrast to the medina of Marrakech in Morocco. After a tour of Sri Lanka, you might just want to slip into Maldives to elevate your holiday to another level. You could have a foodie’s day out, complete with chilled Champagne, and spend the day doing whatever you want in total privacy at one of Maldives’ tiny uninhabited islands. Then there’s Mexico – with 6,000 miles of untouched coastline to explore. We guarantee you will to find a beach holiday that's just right for you.

Luxury beach holidays set on unchartered shores offer the most palpable way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With us handling your holiday, all you will have to do is soak up the sun at a private island retreat where you won't need to lift a finger andenjoy the simple pleasure of watching your children play in warm, shallow waters or even dine under the stars with the frothy waves for music.

Life is indeed a beach. Think about the sea lapping your feet, reading a book cosily in a hammock. Reach out to us to make this a reality.

At a Glance

  • Get dropped off on one of the Maldives’ tiny island or sand bank, where you can have a private picnic just for you, complete with chilled Champagne, and spend the day in total privacy.?
  • Dive Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This natural wonder is packed with rainbow-colored fish and mammals. You’ll be overwhelmed by its deep concentration of marine life and subtle coral formations.
  • Cross the wooden bridge that connects the two islands of the luxurious and sustainable Song Saa resort in Cambodia and explore the village and monastery that the resort helps support.?
  • Feast on perfectly grilled meats at your private asado at one of Uruguay’s many remote beach locations, and try to count all the shooting stars dashing across the sky.?
  • Explore the craggy Greek coast with dinner taken from a dipping blue fishing boat or charter a gulet in Turkey and discover the Turquoise Coast.

Above is just an essence of what can be done with few Ideas & Inspirations. Call us or Email us to have your Private Beach Travel Vacation customised, tailor made and designed as per your preference of destination, Island retreats, Beach getaways, experiences, and interests.

We do not offer or sell readymade packages. We specialise in Private Travel Design of Tailor Made, Customised, Bespoke Holidays, Journeys and Vacations around your interests, preferences, expectations and budget.

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