More than 70 per cent of the world is water. Can there be a better way to see the world than on a ship. It’s a holiday of a different kind. These cities on the sea are not only for your grandparents to take a holiday on. Many people are deterred from trying a holiday afloat because of ill-founded notions of what it’s going to be like. But, loved by most who have tried it, dismissed by many who haven’t.

Our hand-picked selection of cruises and voyages engages you in the mysterious and the pristine, without compromising on your comfort, luxury and service.

Our comfortable portfolio of small ships allow you to enjoy a variety of destinations with unique cultures, fascinating history, spectacular wildlife and magnificent landscapes saving you with the hassle of constant packing and unpacking.

Besides the Antarctica, Arctic and the Galapagos Islands cruises, we also offer a number of river cruises, selected for their comfort, service and varied routes, on the Nile, Yangzi, Amazon, Volga, Rhine, Danube, Chobe, Mekongand Irrawaddy with each providing an on-board experience that is second to none.

Stick a pin into any blue area on a world map, or locate any glistening ribbon of river, and the chances are you can get there by cruise ship. The best way to reach many of the off-the-beaten track destinations, including Papua New Guinea, the Lena in Russia or even in Myanmar (Burma), where hotels can’t keep pace with demand, is to take a cruise.

The sheer diversity of themed itineraries – wine, gastronomy, music, photography, wildlife, family, wellness and golf – being offered means finding a cruise that suits you has never been easier. With the experienced folks at Experiential Travel Journeys, it becomes a breeze to have your preferential choice listed.

Peruvian Amazon

  • Take a cruise to travel deep into the Amazon’s rain forests enjoying an intimate glimpse of its wildlife, ecosystems, local customs, marine and jungle landscapes. Share space with Peruvian wildlife as they call their mates through the leafy canopy. Learn about the habitats essential to the livelihoods of the endangered Amazon river dolphins, taricaya turtles and manatee. The cruise experience on Aqua Expeditions includes on board naturalist guides too and all this in comfort and elegance of a custom-designed ship with high levels of guest service possible with a 1.3 guest to staff ratio.

Take on Arctic North Pole and White Continent Antarctica

  • Sail to see the end of the world. Wouldn’t you want to do that? Stand tall in the midst of normalcies to cruise for thousands of miles to see the tip of our world with an once-in-a-lifetime expedition cruise to the untouched wilds of the North Pole or Antarctica. It’s going to be punctuated by pulsating moments. And this is a journey that you have to earn.
  • Go on a small expedition ship as they are nimble and can reach some of the most isolated wilderness areas. Carrying less than 200 passengers, the ships come with zodiacs (inflatable landing craft) so that you can move from the ship to shore and ice-strengthened hulls for navigating the ice-packed polar waters
  • Antarctica’s beauty might haunt you and the continent has never had a native population unlike the Arctic, which is home to some of the hardiest people in the world. It is home to the polar bear, walrus, musk ox and narwhals. A journey like this heightens your insignificance amidst looming mountain ranges, ice blocks and spectacular wildlife.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

  • This is not for the shoestring budget. This is an alternate universe, a utopian world living on notions of interdependence and cooperation. There are no strange animals here and this is one of the places in the world where human footprint is kept to a minimum.
  • While you experience the Galapagos cruises, you can walk among unique species such as marine iguanas basking in the sun and observe the mating rituals of blue-footed boobies, albatrosses and frigate birds.

Alaska: Inside Passage

  • Looking for more variety, or seeking adventure on a deeper level while you cruise Alaska? Our selection of Alaska small ship cruises are perfectly suited to nurture uncommon encounters and unexpected experiences in Alaska's Inside Passage —extra days spent in Glacier Bay National Park; brown bears, black bears, and “polar bear plunges”; rainforests and glaciers; hiking and kayaking; humpback whales and orca; bald eagles and sea birds. All this under the guidance and watchful eye of expert expedition teams to guide you on a exclusive and memorable journey.


  • For the adrenaline rush, take the classic Europe and make it extra-ordinary in Swedish Lapland. Stay in a tented safari camp at the edge of a frozen lake. It offers the front seats for viewing the Northern Lights and the food served here will be the highlight. Your platter will include smoked reindeer, deep fried lichen and delicious puddings.

Above is just a small selection of our Cruise Journeys, Small Ships, River Cruises, and Luxury Cruises. Call us or Email us for our full selection of unique, exclusive and remote cruise locations of the world. We can also tailor made a full trip idea around and incorporating a cruise journey to match your interests, preferences and expectations.

We do not offer or sell readymade packages. We specialise in Private Travel Design of Tailor Made,Customised, Bespoke Holidays, Journeys and Vacations around your interests, preferences, expectations and budget.

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