Private Jet Journeys

Travel far & beyond: You have your travel bucket list. Places you’ve dreamed of going your entire life. Then there are the experiences you haven’t even imagined yet. We will help you get there.

Travelling by a private jet is the best way to experience many of the world’s iconic destinations. Each location is chosen for a reason, crafted in the itinerary for its cultural endeavours, beautiful vistas and friendly local people. You can choose what you want to be – an urban explorer or eco adventurer.

It will be the trip of a lifetime. You’ll visit an incredible array of off-the-grid destinations in a single itinerary, made possible by the convenience of a custom-fitted private jet. It allows flexible schedules;fly direct so you can make the most of every destination, landings at airports close to destinations being visited, and the ultimate in comfort, convenience and safety.

All our journeys are aboard Boeing 757s. These are customised for every journey, seating up to 78 guests. We love to travel so there will be personalised tour guides with you to ensure a memorable experience.

You get to stay in the best accommodation the destination offers, featuring local design and culture. You have choice of either travelling in company of like-minded people who are discerning and have similar interests on one of our pre-scheduled annual expeditions or you can have a private jet journey customized for yourself or your group of family and friends.

Call us or Email us to get details on our pre-scheduled Private Jet Expeditions or discuss possibilities and choice of hiring a Private Jet with a trip customised to destinationsand locations of your choice with experiences designed to your preferences and expectations.

We do not offer or sell readymade packages. We specialise in Private Travel Design of Tailor Made, Customised, Bespoke Holidays, Journeys and Vacations around your interests, preferences, expectations and budget.

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