Safari Holidays and Wildlife Holidays

What is it about the wild that gets us all fuzzy inside? Is it because we trace our roots back to the wild or is it because soon enough they might become a rarity. Either ways, a wildlife or an African safari vacation is a must on every traveller’s list. And we do it all for you.

On our private luxury safari and wildlife holidays you’ll travel to the most unspoiled corners of the world that boast a wealth of rare and endemic wildlife.

  • In Argentina discover incredible wildlife of the Valdes Peninsula - whales, sea lions, penguins, elephant seals. While in Canada it is time to cosy up with the Grizzlies just as they make their way from the Great Bear Rainforest to the river down. Or begin at Ottawa and then head to Floe Edge for some polar bear and narwhal adventure.
  • While the Madagascar cartoons might have teased you, find it out for yourself. The country is not all about the beaches. The lush island of Madagascar is a delightful wildlife destination; its home to many types of lemurs, who are born performers and some of the most fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom.
  • On our Private Travel Wildlife experiences wait to catch your attention and amaze youself with whale-watching trips in New Zealand to rainforest canopy tours in search of tree frogs and quetzals in Costa Rica to river cruises in Borneo where you’ll encounter monitor lizards and proboscis monkeys.
  • From looking out for wallabies and wombats on guided walking tours in Australia’s Blue Mountains to seeing the penguins sway into the Indian Ocean in South Africa or meeting giant pandas in China wildlife encounters will undoubtedly be among your holiday specials. We also include important conservation areas on our trips; such as the Orang-utan sanctuaries of Borneo and the award-winning Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka.
  • On our wildlife cruise holidays in the Galapagos you’ll land on each island with a resident naturalist guide to learn more about marine iguanas, blue footed boobies and giant turtles.
  • When it comes to a luxury safari experiences, in South Africa you can combine Cape Town and the Garden Route with a private safari in the Kruger National Park or in one of many Private Game Reserves in search of the Big Five.
  • Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa, famed for its game and safaris, is home to the Masai Mara and the Serengeti where you witness the thrill of the Great Migration, where thousands of wildebeests rumble across the region.
  • Namibia’s Etosha National Park boasts encounters with the Big Five along with ostriches, antelopes and giraffe. In Zambia, the birth place of walking safaris you will trek through South Luangwa, said to be one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world.
  • To feel the pulse of Africa, primate style, you can even head to Uganda and its many layers as you trek Kibale National park for Chimpanzees or Spend time in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to make friends of their mountain gorillas.
  • Safari in Botswana you can experience on a Private helicopter tour besides a guided mokoro canoe safaris across the Okavango Delta for an experience of a lifetime.

Above is just an essence of what can be done on our Safari and Wildlife holidays with few Ideas & Inspirations. Call us or Email us to have your Private Safari Vacation Trip customised, tailor made and designed as per your preference of destination, experiences, and interests around wildlife.

We do not offer or sell readymade packages. We specialise in Private Travel Design of Tailor Made, Customised, Bespoke Holidays, Journeys and Vacations around your interests, preferences, expectations and budget.

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